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  • I listened to the part where Floyd? stated that the ukrainian nazis were just ruskie propaganda. Perhaps he should watch the movie “Ukraine on Fire”, or just plug azov nazis into his fave search engine to read the truth as told by his trusted MSM before the ruskies ever invaded. Maybe an on air apology to that caller is in order?

    • You do realize that the movie “Ukraine on Fire” is directed by a guy that is super Pro-Kremlin? It was hailed as “undistilled Kremlin propaganda” by the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group in Ukraine back in 2016. Even Rod Dreher writing for the American Conservative called It propaganda. You’re not exactly sourcing something that is impartial to both sides. I implore you to go watch “War in Ukraine” on Youtube by Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan, where he just walks around and interviews people in Ukraine about the war.

      • So you want me to watch your propaganda? Oliver Stone is a leftist anti nazi, but you missed the other sources I had mentioned. Search azov nazis and Stepan Bandera in your fave search engine, art, and enlighten yourself. The MSM, biden, dems, and some repubs pushed the narrative that Ukraine was winning against the ruskies, and now they are walking it back because reality bites.