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Weekend Sports Wrap

James takes listeners through all the sports action from the past weekend, from Broncs to Broncos, we will cover all things sports, local and national! Along the way, we may talk about some betting, some mind-numbing stats, some sports history, and more!

Jackalopes Explore

Join Floyd, Aaron, Madisyn, and Steve on a search for the truth on Jackalopes Explore. Every week, the Jackalopes explore everything from politics to UFO sightings and other mysteries with a unique Wyoming perspective, and bring it to you with an entertaining, lively conversation.

Sheridan County AG Update

Sheridan County Ag Update is a weekly show hosted by Liz Reynolds, a knowledgeable and passionate agricultural leader. In each episode, Liz interviews local agriculture experts, farmers, ranchers, and industry leaders to provide an informative and insightful update on the latest happenings in the...

Public Pulse

Floyd Whiting sits down with local movers, shakers, and newsmakers in Sheridan. Monday-Thursday and features open line Fridays. Call-in: 674-4443 9:10am-10:00am.